Serving in the Caribbean Area Presidency Office in
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

30 May 2010

Aprendiendo el espanol

We are working hard to learn Spanish.  We love our tutors.  Marilyn's tutor is Katherine Truscott. Leon's tutor is Fabrizio Alegre.   We meet with them for two hours each evening.  Here is a picture of us with them.  Marilyn has learned to bear her testimony in Spanish.  Now she's working on praying in Spanish.  Each morning and night we have companionship prayer together.  Marilyn's prayers are simple but very sincere.  We are praying for the gift of tongues.  Please include that blessing in your  prayers for us.  Gracias!

Temple Day

Saturday was our preparation day, in other words, no scheduled meetings. We attended the Provo Temple in the morning with some of our MTC friends. In the afternoon we became aquainted with the laundry room. They cook our meals and do the dishes, but we have to do our own laundry! We are showing signs of old age. We locked ourselves out of our room and had to go get a spare key.

28 May 2010

Happy and Sad

On Monday 10 other couples started their missions with us.  Together we have experienced the classes, the meetings, the meals, the frustrations, and the joys of MTC life.  We have been amazed at the goodness, strength and wisdom of these people.  They have become like family to us in just a short while.   Each has a unique and amazing story to tell of how the Lord has blessed them to be able to serve a mission now.  
Our love & prayers go with these dear friends as they spread across the world to serve Heavenly Father's children:

The Stephens - going to Sacramento, California
The Haakes - going to Rochester, New York
The Baxters - going to Roseville, California
The Hadlocks - going to our mission in Puerto Rico (Yea!)
The Neves - going to Sierra Leon, Africa

26 May 2010

Two thousand missionaries

Tonight we went to a devotional and as senior missionaries we were given seats on the second row. We were overcome with the power that was resonating in the large hall as we stood and sang with the 2000 other missionaries here at the MTC.   As we were singing Elder D. Todd Christofferson entered the room.  We had a powerful witness that he is indeed an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.  It was as though an electrical current went through us.  As he spoke to us the Spirit whispered to us once again that this truly is God’s Kingdom here on earth and that the message that will be carried out into the world by all these missionaries is a manifestation of God’s love and hopes for all His children. We are so thankful to be two of those messengers!

24 May 2010

Missionary Training Center Arrival in a Snow Storm

We left home at 4:30 am with Grandpa and Grandma Button driving us to the airport.  Our flight was delayed about 30 minutes.  When we arrived in Salt Lake we were greeted by snow - about 4 inches.   We took the shuttle to the Missionary Training Center arriving about 11:00. 

After unloading our bags in our room #215 in the Jacob Hamblin building, we hurried to an orientation and then lunch.  After lunch we had a meeting with the MTC Mission Presidency.  They had all the missionary couples introduce themselves and tell where they will be serving.  There are about 12 couples in our group.  In our group there are couples going to Ukraine, Canada, Africa, Ohio, Brazil, Sacramento, New York, and others.  One other couple is going to Puerto Rico besides us.  It was fun to get to know all these folks.  They had some amazing stories to tell about how the Lord caused miracles to happen to enable them to be able to serve.  We can likewise testify to the Lord's tender mercies to us along the way.  We had a some training about health/medical issues and then some preliminary language training.  After eating dinner we returned to our room to unpack and settle in.  Tonight we will be studying Spanish and reading our scriptures.  A very busy and very good day!