Serving in the Caribbean Area Presidency Office in
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

28 November 2010

Picking Up Speed

The pace of our mission began quite slowly on the little Island of Vieques.  Those are days now long past!  In October and November we have traveled all over Puerto Rico on assignments from our Mission President.  We have loved the variety and volume of what we have been doing.  Here are a few glimpses of our activities:

President Alvarado asked Elder Button to make a presentation at the mission office to departing missionaries to help them with their education and financial planning post-mission.

President asked us both to help plan and organize a zone conference for the senior missionaries.  It was a great experience.  Here is Pres. Alvarado during one of the sessions.

Our fellowsenior  misionaries at a restaurant in Viejo San Juan during the conference

The Alvarado kids brought us a lot of joy at Halloween

President sent us to Yauco to present a fireside on financial management and provident living.  This took us to the southwestern part of Puerto Rico.
Next President had us go to the five zone conferences to make a presentation to help the missionaries budget the money they receive each month for food and hygiene.  During that week we traveled to Aguadilla on the far western coast of Puerto Rico, where the above picture was taken.  Next to Ponce on the southern coast, then to Caguas in the center and finally to Bayamon for two other conferences.  We logged almost 2000 miles in the month with all our travels.  We love our mission!