Serving in the Caribbean Area Presidency Office in
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

19 December 2010

The best week of our mission

Back in June at the San Juan Stake conference a stake temple excursion to the Santo Domingo Temple in the Dominican Republic was announced for November .  This was thrilling news to the 5 members of the Vieques branch that had come with us to attend the conference.  Upon returning to Vieques we invited all the members of the branch to prepare to go to the temple and we began a temple preparation class.  Originally 8 members said that they were planning on going.

It is not easy or inexpensive for Puerto Rican's to go to the temple.  Of course the most important preparation is to become worthy to enter the House of the Lord.  But in addition to that, passports have to be obtained, about $500 per person must be saved for airfare, etc. and time off from work must be arranged.  Gradually the numbers of Vieques members who would be able to go dwindled.  But Andy and Aida Lopez were determined to make their covenants and receive the sealing blessings for themselves and their deceased ancestors.  They began to research their geneology.  While doing so they had some miraculous experiences that let them know that their family on the other side of the veil were close to them and wanted these blessings also.

On Tuesday 23 November 2010 Andy and Aida entered through the doors of the temple and made covenants with their Heavenly Father that will enable them to be together forever if they are faithful to the end.  It was our great privilege and joy to be at their side during a wonderful week in the temple.  Now, because of their example and love for the temple, the branch of Vieques is planning on a temple excursion for all the faithful members in early 2011!  We look forward to returning to Santo Domingo with 10 more of our dear friends from Vieques who want to enter the House of the Lord.

Andy and Aida Lopez at the door of the Santo Domingo Temple