Serving in the Caribbean Area Presidency Office in
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

12 February 2011

Audit Trip to Paradise

One of Elder Button's duties in the mission is to conduct the audits of the mission-dependent branches in the islands.  On Friday he flew to Dominica and did the audit there.  He arrived late in the afternoon and traveled to the Portsmouth Branch building to conduct the audit.  By the time he was done it was dark so he went to his hotel to stay the night in a cottage on the beach.  Unfortunately he had to leave at 6:00 am to make it to the airport in time to fly to the next island.  Below are a few of the pictures he took in Dominica. I would have liked to take Sister Button along but the cost to hop around the islands was just too much.  If we want (and after seeing the pictures I'm sure Sister Button will definitely want) to come back some time on a cruise with some of our friends!
River across from the airport

Road from airport to Portsmouth

Trail off the main road


Lady walking with bowl perched on her head

Meeting house in Portsmouth...Yes it is lime green!

Playing fields in Portsmouth

Boys playing cricket

06 February 2011

His Arm Revealed

On January 15 our mission had a conference for all the dependent branches for which we are responsible on 8 different islands in the Eastern Caribbean. The plan was for the Mission President to travel to St. Thomas and broadcast the conference from there over the internet using computer, visual and audio equipment.  Several miracles happened (ask me to tell you when you've got about 10 minutes) in getting all the equipment and techology ready to go for this conference.  Then 7 couples flew to the different islands to conduct the conference.  (Sister Button and I flew to St. Croix.)
Below are the words of Elder Icely, a senior missionary on St. Thomas.  I asked him to record the concluding event of a series of manifestations of the Lord's hand accomplishing His work in the Caribbean:

Sister Icely and I were setting up all the equipment for the broadcast. We connected all the numbered wires to the appropriate receptacles. We turned the power on and smoke began to pour out of each hole in the box. It took more than a few seconds to disconnect the power. We were devastated. The conference needed to proceed and the equipment for the conference most probably had been ruined. How can this be fixed and who should we call? We placed a call to Elder Button and left a message about our dire straights. We later learned that Elder Button was on a flight to one of the islands. We realized that our most reliable source of help was the Lord so we asked Brother Maynard, who had come to the chapel to make sure that it was clean, to join us in prayer. We got on our knees and prayed that circumstances would be such that the conference would be able to proceed with all the islands being able to participate. We attempted to notify President Alvarado about the problem. The connection was poor. We were only able to communicate that there was a problem with the equipment. Elder Button called us back after what seemed a very long time. We had about an hour before the broadcast was to begin. He said he would get in touch with President Ramirez who would call us. We described the problem to President Ramirez. He suggested disconnecting everything, turn the power on to the connection box and reconnect one device at a time which we did while he was on the phone with us. He said that everything worked before it should work now. After all this was connected President Ramirez instructed us how to turn the system on, but the program would not turn on. Joyfully, however, there was no smoke! President Alvarado arrived within a few minutes with the camera. After it was connected everything worked!  A miracle occured in our estimation, the electronics which we antcipated had been burned out, worked perfectly.

Until we meet again Vieques!

A new couple, the Untalascos, have been called to work in Vieques so the last week in December we moved everything out of our apartment there. The next weekend we made a day trip over to Vieques with Elder and Sister Untalasco to orient them to the area. That evening the Vieques Branch had their Christmas party (we love how you can just keep on celebrating Christmas here!) and we were able to attend before catching the ferry. Here are some of our dear friends of the Vieques Branch: