Serving in the Caribbean Area Presidency Office in
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

26 May 2012

Trip to Jardin Botanico with the young missionaries

We recently took the missionaries in the MTC to the Jardin Botanico here in Santo Domingo.  They love having a couple hours outside of the MTC to see the natural beauty and to have a chance to interact with the wonderful people of the Dominican Republic.

Missionaries from the US, Haiti, Tonga and Barbados

Sister Button standing in front of Croton plants that are common in the Caribbean

Elder Button's hair is out of control

Walking through the gardens

A turtle poked his head out to see what was going on.

25 May 2012

What lack I yet?

I love this picture which I saw every day on the wall just across from my cubicle in the mission office in Puerto Rico.  The picture, inspired by the account in  Matthew 19:16-30, powerfully reminds me of some important principles:

1) The riches with which we have been blessed and which He asks us to share are more that just food, shelter and clothing.  The greatest riches we have and which so many in the world lack are our knowledge of the true gospel of Jesus Christ and the purpose, peace and joy that comes from being members of His kingdom on earth.
2)  To have receive Eternal Life, which is to live in the presence of God and to become like Him, will require us to be willing to sacrifice all.  To receive His all we must give up all that is not of Him.  His promised rewards are so great and so certain, that our unwillingness to trust Him enough to let go of the silly trinkets of the world (like convenience, comfort, recreation, leisure, retirement, time, riches, etc.) is an eternally tragic mistake.