Serving in the Caribbean Area Presidency Office in
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

02 July 2012

Great People

One of the greatest blessings to us during this mission is to work closely with truly wonderful people, people who have dedicated their lives to serving the Lord and His children.  Elder Francisco J. Viñas and his wife Cristina are perhaps the most Christ-like people we have ever known.  Elder Viñas has served for the past several years as the Caribbean Area President.  He is a kind, loving and wise man.  Watching him apply true principles and hearing him teach the gospel has been one of the greatest learning experiences of our lives.  He has many expressions that have become dear to us.  "Suffer with joy" is something that he teaches with a smile when life is hard and sacrifices are required.  

Elder and Sister Viñas were reassigned to serve in South America starting in August.  We will truly miss them.
Receiving a going away present made by a local member of the Church  
His last day in the Caribbean Presidency office
When we took them to the airport as they were leaving
Another set of wonderful examples and teachers are President Stewart and Sister Sandra Glazier, who preside over the MTC (Missionary Training Center) here in Santo Domingo.  They have served in many places in the world and in many different assignments in the Church, beloved by everyone who knows them.  Elder Button has the privilege of serving as a counselor to President Glazier in the MTC where we have learned so much as we see them love and teach the missionaries.  Recently they had to return to Utah for some medical treatment, but their love and concern for the missionaries is manifested in the daily phone calls and emails sent back to us to check on their "boys and girls" - the young missionaries.  The Glaziers are dear friends and mentors to everyone who is blessed to know them.

Sister and President Glazier with Elder Viñas